Compulsory Alpha recall

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Only Alpha-type Takata airbags are subject to compulsory recall – you can only search for Alpha airbag recalls on this page.

Takata Alpha airbags contain a defect that may cause the inflator to fail in a crash and explode, sending fragments at vehicle occupants. Failure of the airbag inflator can cause serious injury or death.

On the 4 April 2018 the New Zealand Government announced a compulsory recall of vehicles with Takata Alpha airbags. While this recall technically ended on 31 December 2019, manufacturers will still replace airbags at no cost to vehicle owners. Remaining affected vehicles are not able to get a warrant of fitness (WoF).

To find out if your vehicle is affected, check it's one of the makes listed below, then:

  • Enter your registration plate or VIN in the box below.
  • If you are a vehicle trader and have a stocklist to check, you can use this for multiple VINs or plates in one go.


  • If you're an importer and want to check uncomplied vehicles, use the importer tool instead to check the chassis numbers.

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What you need to do depends on the results from this search:

    This vehicle is under compulsory recall. It cannot be legally offered for sale by a vehicle trader. If you're a vehicle owner:
    • contact the New Zealand representative for the make of your vehicle (see contact details below) as soon as possible to arrange replacement of the Takata Alpha airbags. There will be no cost to you for parts or labour.
      If your vehicle has already had an airbag replaced, we recommend you check there are no outstanding recalls.
      Vehicles that have not had their Takata Alpha airbags replaced will fail a warrant of fitness (WoF).
      Please note: it may take several weeks to close a recall once the repair has been done. A copy of the workshop service record showing the airbags have been replaced may be helpful if buying or selling the vehicle in a private sale.
    • based on records supplied by manufacturers, the vehicle is unaffected by the compulsory recall, or
    • the plate or 17-digit VIN has not been correctly entered.

Contact details for vehicle manufacturers:
Honda – 0800 2HONDA (0800 246 632)